A gift from a friend or loved one: Callaway Gardens Lights in Atlanta

A gift that you couldn’t ask for or dream about is finally here!

A new family-owned store in the heart of Atlanta, Callaway has been serving up quality outdoor lighting in Georgia since 2013.

With a new store opening this summer, the shop is expected to become one of the top brands in the industry.

Here are five things you should know about the brand: 1.

Callaway’s name comes from a family of four.

Their grandfather, John B. Calloway, started the business when he was just 14 years old.

Today, Calloway Gardens Lights is owned by his daughter, Sarah Calloway.

Callway Gardens Lights has grown into a multi-million dollar brand with over 250 locations worldwide.


The brand was inspired by a childhood passion: Sarah and John were inspired by the great outdoors and wanted to create a brand that would be timeless.


Sarah calls Calloway the “Gardens Lady” because she says it helps her “get in touch with her inner wild beauty” and to give her the freedom to be in control of her life.


The company also makes a custom branded corded lightbulb to match each customer’s decor.


Callaways family is a huge part of the Atlanta community.

Sarah, John, and their daughter, Samantha, are members of the Georgia Society of Women Growers, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in our state.

Their love of nature and love of life has inspired Callaway gardens lighting to offer the best in lighting and sustainability.