Milan’s new kids garden has a unique twist: an interactive playground

With the city’s new children’s garden opening its doors on Saturday, the first thing the visitors must do is look around to see what to expect.

The park is a mix of traditional gardens and a number of different interactive objects, including a giant robot, a miniature golf course, and a tree house with an indoor playground.

It was built with the help of the city council, and the first two kids were just 10 days old when it opened.

“It is a very unique place,” said Giuseppe Di Lorenzo, the director of Milan’s Centennial Gardens, explaining the park’s design.

“It’s not just a garden, it’s a place where kids can go to have fun and explore.”

The park’s first-day visitors will have a chance to try out a variety of new interactive objects including a robot, an indoor golf course and a wooden tree house.

The first thing they’ll need to do is visit the children’s playground.

The first playground opened at the park on May 6, and it was a huge hit with kids, who can now enjoy the park for free.

“We didn’t expect so many kids, but this is something special for the park,” said one of the park employees, Giuseppina Motta.

“We’ve never had so many children in one place.

It is the first time we’ve had this many children at one place, and we are very proud.”

The park is also home to a wooden house that can be used for play.

The kids can use it as a playhouse, or sit inside to enjoy the sound of the trees.

The wooden house is decorated with the cityscape from around the city, and offers visitors an opportunity to explore different aspects of Milan, like the old wooden houses, the new cityscapes, and old bridges.

In the park, there are also a number different activities to do with the kids, including walking around the park with a rope.

There are also activities for adults and children to do, like playing games, hanging out on the grass, and even taking a short bike ride.

It’s all part of a plan by the city to have the park open for public use by the end of this year.

The park has already drawn crowds of thousands, with the number of visitors expected to increase.

“This is the biggest, most exciting thing we have ever done,” said Di Lorenzo.

“Milan is becoming a world-class city and we want to make it a world class place for everyone.

This is an amazing opportunity to see how our city grows and how it will continue to develop.”

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