Gardening in Garvan Wildlife Sanctuary: Why it’s the perfect place to see birds, bees and other animals from a distance

Garvan woodland gardening is a unique experience for the Gardening and Nature Society of NSW, and the gardeners there know that the birds and the bees are there too.

The Sanctuary’s two main plants, which are also available as organic produce, are the greening plant and the blackberry bush, and they have been in the care of the community for nearly 100 years.

“We’ve always planted around the trees, and we’ve never planted outside the trees,” explains Dr Kate Lacey, who runs the garden.

“The trees are a great place to get close to the ground, because they’re surrounded by tall trees.

The bush, too, is a great spot to sit down and sit in a little bit of shade.”

Dr Lacey is also a passionate gardener, and in addition to gardening with the garden, she organises an annual weekend walk to the Sanctuary for the community to enjoy nature and learn about the ecology of their favourite plants.

“For some people, gardening can be a bit intimidating, and I know that it can be,” she says.

“When we’re gardening, we don’t want to leave any soil behind, so it’s always good to get that first glimpse of what’s on the ground.”

In the garden there’s usually plenty of food around, and a variety of different plants, and there’s also a good diversity of plants that are not normally found in the garden.

“Gardening in the Garvan Sanctuary has been a passion for the Sanctuary’s community for more than a century.”

There are a lot of people in the community who are very passionate about gardening,” she continues.”

And a lot are farmers, and that’s why we’ve been able to get this incredible amount of plant diversity.

“Garvan is one of the places in the state that I would definitely consider going for a walk around.”

It’s so beautiful and beautiful, so much like the bush, there’s so much variety.

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