Which is better for your eyes?

Posted by The Guardian on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 06:01:10 The UK’s leading ophthalmologist says that it’s better for you to buy glasses with an eye-tracking system rather than an eye tracker, which can cost more.

Dr Stephen Foust, who is based at Westwood Gardens in London, told the BBC: “There are many glasses that are quite inexpensive that don’t have the option of using a tracker.”

“They do have a camera in the lens which is tracking the distance of the pupil in real time.”

But Mr Foust said that you should consider choosing glasses with a camera and a lens that are “very easy to clean”.

“If you have glasses that have a tracking system, they might be a little bit less expensive,” he said.

“But I wouldn’t go for expensive glasses with tracking systems.”

Dr Foust also recommended that you buy a camera with a “very wide angle lens” as it will provide more detail.

The BBC also spoke to Dr David Dyson, an ophthalmic surgeon who works in the US.

He told the programme that he doesn’t think the “most effective” option is to buy a headset with an Eye-Tracking System, and recommends that you only buy glasses that use the same type of system that is already on your glasses.

“I would never recommend buying a camera or lens that’s not going to have the same kind of sensors as the lens on your eyeglasses,” he told the broadcaster.

“You might find it cheaper to buy something with an expensive camera and lens.”

Dr Dyson said that while a headset can provide “a pretty accurate image”, it can “make it harder to focus”, which can be a concern if you have a sensitive eye.

“The eye-tracker is a very effective tool, but the more you wear the device, the less accurate it is,” he added.

“So you can wear it and still have a reasonable quality of vision, but you can’t rely on it.”

The BBC’s report comes after the National Health Service (NHS) admitted that it had a “lack of adequate training” for doctors to use Eye-Trackers.

“A lot of people, especially young people, think they are being tracked on the phone, when really they are not,” Dr Foust told the program.

“It’s very clear in terms of what they’re doing with the device that they’re not doing anything with the information that’s actually being recorded on the camera.”

And that’s something that should be addressed by the health authorities.

“The NHS has said that it has taken action to improve training for doctors, including requiring them to take a “semi-blind” exam, which involves asking the patient to look at a virtual screen while their eyes are fixed on the device.

But Dr Foulston says that there is a long way to go before doctors are “fully trained to use these systems”.”

It really depends on how good the system is, the training, and how accurate the data is,” Dr Dyson told the Radio Times.”

There’s a very significant number of problems with that.

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