How to save $1,200 on your garden with this easy DIY garden guide

Gardens are a wonderful place to grow, but they are also a source of pollution.

Here are a few tips for keeping them clean.


Avoid using fertilizers.

You could save up to $200 by not using fertilizing fertilizers on your gardener’s plants.

You can use a mix of organic and synthetic fertilizers that are safe for your garden.

Use a combination of organic, synthetic and mineral fertilizers to prevent mold, weed and insects from growing.

You should always fertilize your plants at least twice a year.


Don’t use chemicals in your garden’s water source.

Some fertilizers and pesticides can leach into your soil and cause toxic algae blooms.

Avoid any and all chemicals in the water source for your gardening needs.


Clean up after yourself.

You don’t have to go to the gym to make your garden greener, but your garden needs to be clean.

Keep your yard and garden area in good condition with a brush and soil conditioner.

Make sure the area has good drainage so the air stays clean and doesn’t get wet.

Make your yard greener by planting plants in a pot and using a mulch cover.

The mulch will help keep the soil clean and prevent weeds from growing and clogging your garden bed.


Choose plants that grow well in containers.

Many gardeners find that a single container works best for their garden needs.

Fill a large plastic container with soil or soil mix and place plants in it.

You’ll need to add water regularly to keep the plants alive. 5. Don