How to choose the perfect garden: ‘This is where we’re going to be’

The perfect garden, it seems, is the one where you won’t just enjoy all the flowers, but the soil and the landscape as well.

Here are 10 tips for choosing the perfect place to grow a garden.


Choose a location with good drainage.

Water your garden well and regularly, so it can be reclaimed by rainwater or evaporation.


Don’t use a greenhouse as a cover.

It can be difficult to manage the greenhouse when the sun is out.

It’s also important to consider whether the plant you’re growing is suited to your local climate and your climate preferences.


Choose plants that will thrive in the hot, dry weather.


Choose an area where the sun isn’t always shining.

You want to make sure the plant has the ability to shade itself during the day.

The plant should also have a good drainage system, with plenty of water available to it during the hottest and driest parts of the year.


Use plants that have been watered regularly.

If your garden needs a lot of water, make sure it’s in a sunny spot and you’ve got plenty of leaves in it. 6.

Choose plantings that are relatively tall and spread out.

A large plant will grow in a small space.

For example, a bougainvillea will thrive if it’s planted in a room with lots of windows and a large amount of shade.


Choose locations that have good drainage, good drainage management and good drainage for water and shade.

If you’re not sure where to plant your bougains, try out your local garden centre or a garden club.


Choose places with plenty to plant.

If a plant is planted near the house, try to keep it there to provide shade during the hot weather.

It may take longer to start blooming if you have a large space in the garden, but a plant can also flower in the summer.


If there are lots of plants, choose plants that are tall and have good roots to prevent the plants from becoming clumps.

A plant with good roots can keep itself in place as it grows and the soil can be used to fertilise the soil.


Look at other gardens in your area.

If it’s not a good place to plant a bough, consider buying a bigger bough or planting a bower, where you can easily move and rearrange your plants.

Read more about the best gardening places: How to choose a suitable garden:

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