Why Victoria is getting more creative with its botanical garden openings

A botanical landscape at the Victorian Gardens in Melbourne is going up for sale with the first sale of the area’s remaining botanical collection scheduled for May 29.

The Victoria Botanical Gardens are the world’s largest botanical park, home to some 1,800 species of plants and over 2,000 species of animals and insects.

Its owner, The Victorian Government, said the sale of its remaining botanic garden collection was the first of its kind and would add to the wealth of knowledge and expertise available to visitors to the gardens.

“The Victoria Gardens are a world-class environment, the only park in the world to offer this level of botanical and natural beauty,” Victoria Parks and Wildlife Manager, Michael Fitch said.

“We know our visitors appreciate having a taste of the world, with the ability to learn about the flora, fauna and history of Victoria and the state, as well as the unique and varied biodiversity that makes Victoria such a wonderful place to live and work.”

The gardens are part of the Victoria National Botanic Garden and have been a favourite destination for visiting families and friends over the past 100 years.

A series of gardens, gardens gardens and gardens opened up in the Victorian countryside in the early 20th century, including a huge Victorian garden at Port Phillip, the first to have its own garden.

The Victorian Gardens have now been sold to a group of individuals from the private sector.

“This will be a fantastic addition to our heritage, and the community and visitors will be able to see what we’ve always done in our gardens,” Mr Fitch told news.com.au.

“It will be great to have an opportunity to enjoy what we know best, with a range of new and exciting plants to discover and a variety of new species to see.”

For the first time, the Victoria Gardens will be available to the public for the first sold, with no more than 100 plants, flowers and other botanical resources remaining in the gardens.

“A Victorian Government spokesperson said it was looking forward to welcoming the first ever public event in the Victoria Botanic Gardens.”

Our gardens are a remarkable place and a great place to visit.

We will continue to nurture them, nurture them with new plants, and nurture them further by investing in new research and research into new species and their potential,” Mr Brierley said.


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