Why are you eating up a lot of food on your birthday?

If you’re thinking about eating a lot on your 18th birthday, you may be tempted to indulge in a little extra dessert, according to research from UK food-and-nutrition consultancy, Harmony Gardens.

The advice comes as UK adults eat up to six times more food than they do during the year, according the research.

“We think that there is a misconception about the size of the holiday, which can lead to eating more than you can handle and over-eating,” said Harmony Gardens’ Senior Director of Nutrition, Dr Joanna McCue.

“People think they can just have a snack on the weekend, but that doesn’t work when you’re eating up to four meals a day,” she said.

“If you have to go to the supermarket, you are probably not going to be able to get enough fruit and vegetables on the weekends.”

What you need to know about food safetyFood safety is at the heart of Harmony Gardens research.

Dr McCue said that in the UK, food and food-processing companies were making efforts to improve their supply chains, while also working with the government to make sure food was properly packaged and labelled.

“There are also some food companies who are now working with local councils to make more food-safe packaging,” she explained.

“Food-safety awareness and awareness campaigns are being developed in communities across the country, so that people can get the information they need to make informed choices about food.”

Healthy eating habits are also on the rise.

A report published by the US Department of Agriculture and Food and Nutrition in January 2017 found that the average American eats three more calories a day than in 2016.

The report found that Americans are consuming more calories than ever before.

“The average American consumes more than four times as much calories as they did in 1999,” said the report.

“This is due to the rising rates of obesity, which has been associated with increased consumption of calories and increased intake of added sugars, and to the fact that the United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world.”

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