What’s on sale in the gardens at Hakone?

With a growing garden industry in the area, the Hakone Garden Association has a lot to sell.

It’s a small organisation, with just three members.

They’re all farmers.

“It’s quite a different world out here,” says Tom Smith, who is from South Australia and runs the garden at Hakona.

“The amount of people we’ve been able to meet here in the last few years is a lot more than we expected, and that’s a real benefit.”

With growing interest in gardening, there’s also a growing demand for people to teach.

The Hakone gardens have more than a dozen teaching positions available to hire for 2018, which includes a full-time position for the young apprentice.

Smith says the garden is “in the middle of a very interesting growth period”.

“It feels like the year is coming up,” he says.

“I’ve had to start teaching a lot of people in the past couple of years, and it’s taken a little while.

I’m not too sure if that’s what we want to be doing.”

Smith says he wants to have the garden open in the winter and have a growing season before summer arrives, so that he can be available for teaching in spring.

He’s also looking for someone to help out with planting, but is keeping that open until the garden opens in July.

“We’re in the early stages of this,” he explains.

“There’s a bit of a learning curve at the moment.”

The garden has a good mix of species, with many of the garden’s plants growing outside of the house.

Smith is hoping to get a lot out of the new landscape, and wants people to come back in a few years to see it for themselves.

Hakone Gardens Association member Tom Smith says a new garden is the future for Hakone.

“With the garden, we’ve really created a community around the garden,” he said.

“What we’re doing is taking the best parts of our heritage, the people who have come before us, and creating a garden that is a mix of different types of gardening.”

The Hakonas will be open on Saturday from 11am until 8pm.

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