Westwood Gardens pa: ‘We’re not taking a break’

Auckland’s Westwood gardens are not taking the time off work to re-think their plans to move into the urban park.

Key points: The family have had to move from Westwood to the Westwood River for their garden, but are looking at other optionsThe garden has been vacant for nearly three yearsThe family are planning to move their property into a more residential areaThe family have been unable to find a home for their beloved garden as they have been forced to move to the Riverlands for their new garden, which will be more open to visitors.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been here.

We’re trying to figure out a new way of living,” said resident Kate Blythe.”

We’re still in the process of planning for the next few years, but we’re not stopping now.”

The family had to leave their home in Westwood last year and have had no new house to move in.

The family’s move into their new home is not as straightforward as they might have thought, as they had to pay $1.5 million to secure a new roof and fence for their property.

“A lot of people move into houses, they don’t have to pay that kind of money,” Ms Blythen said.

“I think it’s time to start taking some time and thinking about other options, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The garden had been vacant since the family moved to Westwood from the Riverland in 2016, but is not being forced out of the park as it will be a new place for the family to live.

“This is where we live, and we have our own home,” Ms Awey said.

The community garden is located on the side of the river that is used for canoeing, swimming and kayaking, and is the family’s main activity.

The river is home to an endangered and rare river dolphin.

The Aweys are planning on opening the garden in the next two years.

“There’s a lot of wildlife that come along, and it’s nice to have something to do with them,” Ms Ewey added.

“The water’s always been very gentle, so we can enjoy the water.”

And it’s not too far from our home so we don’t feel that it’s going to get too crowded.