How to make a beautiful, low-maintenance garden

Maclay Gardens in Westwood, California, is planning to open its first highland garden next year.

The $30,000 project, which is still being designed, is located on a vacant lot on a rural property that’s been turned into an agricultural research facility.

It’s a project that’s inspired a slew of similar initiatives across the country.

A year ago, the highlands garden in North Carolina was opened for a small community garden, and a small-scale garden was recently open in Colorado.

This year, Westwood Gardens is planning another large-scale, multi-acre garden that will also house a farm and an animal sanctuary.

The gardens, which will include a central fountain, will be located in the same place the highland gardens are, so they’re very similar.

The garden will have a small public space, a private courtyard, and also a patio.

The public space will feature an outdoor patio, as well as a water feature.

The water feature will include four tanks that will provide hot water, a natural-flow irrigation system, and an outdoor irrigation system.

Westwood Garden, located at 4200 N. Westland Ave., is located about 20 miles north of San Francisco, and costs $30 a month for an area that includes about 100 acres.

To see the current plans, visit their website.