How to grow weed indoors without destroying plants

Gardena Memorial Hospital, a facility for people with dementia, has been growing marijuana plants for a while.

The facility, which is located in the city of Guadalajara, is now getting the green light to plant the marijuana plants indoors.

In fact, the plantings are going to be growing indoors at the hospital for the first time in years, according to a statement by the hospital.

The hospital has been in a state of flux since the fall of 2016, when it was raided by Mexican authorities and forced to close.

The hospital was forced to pay more than $10 million in fines, but was able to reopen by the time of the inauguration of President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The plantings have been growing since at least July 2018.

According to the hospital, they were the first to be planted in the facility, and they were among the first plants to grow outdoors, since the facility had to close for construction work.

The plants have been grown in two different rooms, according the hospital and other news outlets.

The gardens at the Gardena memorial are meant to provide the patients with a place to relax during their stay at the facility.

As of right now, the gardens are just one room with one bed, with no windows and no heating.

They are being used to create a space to grow food and plants for the patients.

Gardena Memorial has already been growing cannabis plants for several years, but the facility only began producing marijuana plants this past October.

The marijuana plants were purchased from a dispensary in Mexico City.

The plantings will be planted at the Memorial hospital, where the patients will be able to eat their favorite meals, according a press release.

Gardening marijuana plants at the gardena funeral home article The hospital is getting the legal green light from the Mexican government, and the plants will be grown in the garden of the hospital in Guadalábal, according El Pais.

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