Garden in Jersey’s southern tip is to become a sea-viewed garden

The new Jersey’s Southern Garden was designed by Dutch artist Marina Gardens and has been named after the island’s southernmost island.

The design has been inspired by the natural features of the island, including the high-tide-line.

The garden has already received support from the National Trust and the Garden of the Isles.

The Garden of St Mary’s, named after St Mary, is a large garden with a view on the island.

It has been designed by the Dutch artist Jan Vos.

The gardens will be open to the public from May to October.

The main garden, which is the largest, will have a view of the sea.

There will also be a view through the front gate.

The first garden opened in 2014 and is the only one in the island that is open to visitors from May until October.

The whole island is covered in lush green plants, so it makes it easier for people to get a good look at the island.” “

The gardens provide a view across the water.

The whole island is covered in lush green plants, so it makes it easier for people to get a good look at the island.”

The island is renowned for its tropical plants.

Its famous coral reef and green islands are home to a variety of species, including a variety that are known as ‘lilac trees’.

They can grow to be six metres high, which makes it a popular place for bird watching and fishing.

The islands main island is known as Jersey.

The area around the Garden is also known as the Isle of the Stag.

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