Why a community of green trees will be the future of local green space

By Caroline MolloyA community of trees will provide the ideal habitat for local wildlife.

The Longwood Gardens Association has submitted a formal proposal to the city to create a new wildlife habitat to replace the existing longleaf green area on the corner of King George Avenue and the Broadmeadows Road.

The community would be the first in the region to be approved for the designation, which would be a permanent wildlife area with an area of 60sqm.

The group wants the Longwood Garden Association (LGA) to create the habitat to provide an open space for wildlife to roam in, including rabbits, possums, birds and birds of prey.

“We want to provide habitat for wildlife and the people of the Longbowner to be able to enjoy the open spaces they have on their property,” said LGA member Tom Smith.

“If you walk along King George you’ll see that the bush is growing on the side of the road and we have a small section of it, we want to ensure that the wildlife can get access to it.”

Smith said the proposed habitat would be about 30 metres tall and about 40 metres wide.

“The trees are actually the trees that are on the site,” he said.

“They are the ones that are in the grass so that they’re protected.”

It’s not just trees that have trees on them.

There are also grasses, the grasses are where the wildlife have access to the habitat.

“That’s the biggest thing.”

Longwood Gardens is currently a longleaf forest and the current proposal would add trees, shrubs and grasses to the existing forest.

It would create an open-air, wildlife-friendly space for the community to enjoy, said Smith.

The proposed habitat was designed by Longwood-based landscape architect Graham Woodland, and the proposal has received backing from LGA president Ben Gittins.

“Graham Woodland has been involved with the Longbows since they started up back in 2010 and has done a fantastic job with it,” said Smith said.

Mr Gittens said the LGA had worked with the council for years to ensure the project was approved.

“He is very keen to see this project go ahead,” he added.

“I’m sure that it will attract a lot of interest from all of Longbowners, and I’m sure it will be a great amenity for people to have access, whether it’s to the bush or the gardens, it’s open space.”