Which plants will grow in DC’s botanical gardens?

We’re not just talking about flowers here: the gardens will also host plantings of the perennials that are a favorite of urban dwellers.

These include dandelions, wild cherry, rosemary, lavender, and azaleas.

“We are adding dandelion and wild cherry and lavender as well,” says Sarah Givens, the executive director of the gardens, which opened in December.

There are also a few other new additions to the gardens: the city will be planting some new species of wild mustard, which will bloom in a garden that has been in the works for several years.

And, in a nod to DC’s longstanding obsession with flowers, we are adding some wild cactus.

(We also want to make sure that the cactus flowers are well-groomed and well-spotted.)

“We have some wild and some cultivated plants in our gardens,” Givins says.

“It’s a mixture of everything, but we want to keep it diverse.”

The gardens also will offer an alternative to the flower-filled outdoor garden space.

“There’s this stigma about being outdoors,” Gavins says, “but we want you to be able to enjoy your garden.”

For a few years, the gardens were one of the city’s most popular public spaces.

But that changed in the late ’80s when construction began on a new Metro Rail station, and the space was overrun with traffic.

It took more than a decade before the garden finally closed.

The gardens have been transformed since that time.

“The first year we had our garden opened, there was so much traffic, so many people were walking around,” Gevins says of the old space.

But the gardens reopened as an open-air space, and now, with the new Metro station opening in the fall of 2019, the new garden is expected to be open to the public for the first time.

We’re also adding some of the plants that are already in the gardens.

For the new spaces, Givons says the aim is to “give people something to do outside,” rather than “being indoors.”

The city’s efforts are part of a larger initiative to transform the area around the city, including the expansion of Metro rail stations, a $200 million revitalization of the National Mall, and a major new parkland expansion.

(The gardens are just one part of the $3 billion capital plan for the city.)

We spoke with Givs about how the gardens have changed over time and what’s next for the gardens in the city.

Q: How has the gardens changed?

But now, they all know it’s going to become a very big deal.””

And they all knew it was going to be a big deal.

But now, they all know it’s going to become a very big deal.”

One of the reasons it’s so important to keep the gardens open is that it is an alternative for people to walk through, as well as a way to get away from the city without feeling overwhelmed by the rush of traffic and other issues.

We try to make the garden a place people can come and be free of the crowds.


What will happen to the plants in the new gardens?


They will be planted in different areas of the garden.

We will be adding some species that are not available to us yet.

And we will be introducing new species.

Q.: Can people get out and enjoy the garden?

A.: The gardens are a great way to socialize.

But it’s not just for the people who are there to enjoy the gardens on the weekend.

It’s also great for people who have families that come by.

We also have outdoor events and festivals coming up.

We have a lot more space to grow the gardens and to do things outside of the parks and streetscape.


What do you think about the change of the landscape of DC?


It’s such a big change.

I don’t think we could have done it without the gardens at all.

It is a way for people around the world to have a place to go and enjoy their garden and enjoy being outside.

The gardens and the streetcape change and they’re a huge part of what makes DC unique and why we’re such a unique city.

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