What is the new state of Georgia?

The state of New Mexico is poised to become the first in the country to become a fully digital state, with the first digital signage on public property and in the state parks.

The initiative is part of a $1 billion federal grant aimed at boosting digital innovation in the Southwest.

The project was announced by New Mexico Gov.

Susana Martinez on Friday.

The state is the first to fully implement digital signage, with digital signage already on public and state property.

“This is about a $100 million investment that we are going to make and the technology that we have in place, we have an abundance of it,” Martinez said at the event, which was hosted by the state Department of Environmental Management and the Southwest Regional Park Commission.

“So it is going to help our parks.

It is going the right way.

It will create jobs.”

The state parks program is part, Martinez said, of a broader federal strategy to boost digital innovation.

“This is a major first step to the digital transformation of our parks,” she said.

“I’m excited to see how this will help our tourism industry.”

The state parks project will include the implementation of the Digital Park and Digital Access Act, which allows for the creation of digital signage.

The bill will fund up to $5 million in state and local digital signage in parks and state lands.

It includes funding for digital signage that will be integrated into park-owned technology, and it includes funding to support the implementation and maintenance of digital technologies at park-controlled areas, such as water and wildlife areas.

The Digital Park Act, introduced by Democratic Gov.

Mark Dayton in 2016, was named for a digital park in New Mexico that was destroyed in a storm last year.

It was intended to boost the state’s digital infrastructure.

“Digital technology is here to stay, and this will be a game-changer in our parks and recreation system,” said Melissa Wessel, a parks and recreational administrator at the Southwest regional park commission.

“Digital technology and the connectivity that it provides will enable us to continue to enhance our parks, our recreation and our visitor experience.”

The Digital Park Authority is an agency of the state of Nevada that oversees the design and construction of public parks and the maintenance of park-operated digital technology.

The authority’s digital signage is part the state agency’s overall digital landscape strategy.

State parks are the largest, most expensive and most complex public works projects in the nation, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

But the state has not been particularly active in digital technology, according the association.

In fact, New Mexico’s public parks have received just one digital signage design, a sign that reads, “Welcome to New Mexico.”

The Digital Access to the Public Parks Act was signed into law in January, but it was not fully implemented until the spring of this year.

The Digital Access is the state-wide public works program, and the act provides a $5.3 billion fund to expand and improve digital infrastructure across the state.

New Mexico’s parks are among the most ambitious in the U.S., with 1,800 miles of digital paths, a network of state-of-the-art hiking trails, and more than 50,000 acres of state parkland.

In addition to digital signage for the state, the parks will also receive digital trails, trails and paths, and digital signage to connect park-managed areas with the public, including recreation areas.

Martinez said the parks have a $250 million digital plan to upgrade digital infrastructure, including digital signage and trails.

The state will spend $100,000 on digital signage at state parks, including signage in the parks themselves and the parks’ waterway.

In a statement, the park commission said the state would spend another $150,000 to support digital signage throughout parks and lands, including at water and recreational areas.

“In addition to our digital signage efforts, we will work with parks to support trail development and the installation of new digital signage,” the commission said.

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