The sunsets of Anaheim and the California drought

By Tom LlamasThe sunsets and the rainy days are back in Anaheim, as the California State Parks and Recreation Department continues to push back against the drought.

In the past few days, Parks officials have declared a sunspot minimum in Orange County, the first county to do so in the state.

In the last three days, the agency has also declared a drought emergency for the San Diego County area, with the possibility of a statewide statewide alert being issued on Friday.

“Our sunspot number is very low.

But it’s still not over the peak,” said Parks Commissioner John C. Gatto.

“I think we’re going to be able to keep the number down over the next couple of days.”

On Wednesday, the Parks Department issued a statewide drought alert, saying that the number of sunspots in the Central Valley, which includes Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is on track to hit zero in the coming weeks.

California has more sunspot minimums than any other state, with just under half the states.

The highest sunspot counts occurred in Washington, D.C., where there were 1,082 total sunspott days.

The number of statewide drought alerts in California is down sharply from earlier this year, when the agency issued more than 2,000.

That number fell to 577 on Thursday, down from 1,721 on Wednesday.

But Gatto said the sunspot situation is “a real challenge” and that he has been working hard to ensure the state stays on track for the sunspotted season.

Gatto said that his office is now considering a temporary statewide alert in case of a major storm.

He also noted that it is critical that all California residents and businesses be prepared to use water and other resources to cope with the severe weather, especially during the cooler months.

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