New York’s windmill to be built on site

New York City has become the first US city to build a windmill on site after the state’s Department of Energy approved the project.

Wind turbines were also announced by the New York Windmill Project, which is part of the City’s Renewable Energy Initiative.

The turbine was built on land owned by the Windmill Corporation, which has been a tenant at the site since the 1960s, the Wind Turbine Development Corporation said in a statement.

The turbines will provide energy to the city’s grid, but also be a way to conserve energy and reduce pollution.

The Wind Turf Company will operate the turbines for three years, providing power to approximately 300 residential customers.

It will use the electricity generated from the turbines to power about 50 residential homes.

The windmill project is part in the citys Renewable Power program.

New York is the first city in the US to receive renewable energy credits from the program, which provides a tax credit to encourage investment in renewable energy technology.