‘My heart is in the right place’: A woman, her husband and their dog are celebrating after losing their dog to a virus

A mother and her husband have lost their four-year-old German shepherd named Pippi, whose owners told ABC News he was a bit stubborn and had a tendency to run away.

They decided to take matters into their own hands after their dog, Pippi the Pooh, ran away after his owners called police and said he was acting strangely.

The owners said the dog had a history of health issues, including heart problems and lung problems.

But after Pippi got sick, the owners said they couldn’t take their dog out of the house.

Pippi’s owner, Katie, said in a statement on Facebook, “We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and support that has come our way.

We will continue to share our story with the public to help educate the public on this unique and rare condition called ‘heart dysplasia.’

We want to thank everyone for their support, kindness and understanding during this time.”

The dog’s owner wrote in a post on Facebook that the pooch “always wanted to play” and that he would “continue to be our best friend.

We love him so much.”

Katie, who has four children, said she was hoping to find a home for the pooh but couldn’t find a suitable one for their home.

Katie said she decided to go on a walk with Pippi after finding out his owners had contacted authorities.

Pippies owners said he is a bit of a rebel.

“We always tried to help him and get him to get his exercise and just play with us,” said Katie.

“But when he wasn’t getting it, he’d run away, run in the park and then he would come back to us.”

Katie said the poo was spreading in the area and the dog was beginning to get sick.

She said the Poofie had been in and out of their house for a while, but she said they were keeping their distance because they were concerned about their dogs health.

The dog was initially diagnosed with a severe case of heart disease, and Katie said Pippi had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Paffy and Pippi are the first dogs in Australia to be diagnosed with the rare condition, according to the Australian Veterinary Medical Association.

The Pooh’s owners said Pippys health had been deteriorating and they felt he would have to be put down.

Puffi is expected to recover soon and Katie told ABC Radio Melbourne that she is hoping to keep the poofie as a pet.

Pipping a Pippi article Katie said they decided to send Pippi to a veterinarian who confirmed the condition was heart disease.

The family plans to keep Pippi at their home until Pippi recovers.

Katie told the ABC that she was surprised by the outpour of support and wanted to share their story to raise awareness about the condition.

“I just hope it’s going to be a good one for the dogs,” she said.

“Because it’s a really rare disease, it’s very rare for a dog to get it.

It’s rare for an animal to die from it.

And that’s why I want to get Pippi back as soon as possible.”

Katie told reporters they are also planning to take their dogs out for a walk this weekend, where they plan to take in the nearby bush.

“He is a little bit stubborn, he’s a bit mischievous, he can be a bit territorial,” she added.

“It’s a little tricky to explain, but we just hope he can learn to sit still and be a little more patient.”