Gardena ca is a ‘tough cookie’ with a ‘love of plants’

Gardena Costa has a love of plants and has already won many awards for her work with the garden industry.

Now, the 37-year-old has a new idea for how to take her passion for plants to the next level and create something unique.

With the help of her son, her garden has won numerous awards including the 2017 Horticultural Prize for the best garden, the 2017 Costa Awards for Best Garden, and the 2017 Gardening Award for the Best New Product.

In an exclusive interview with TalkSport, she shared how her passion has evolved and her approach to gardening.

What started as a hobby in her family has now become a full-time job and her passion is now being reflected in the work she’s doing for her clients.

“I am an artist, I’m an illustrator, I do design work.

I do an architectural design, an urban design.

I’m a landscape designer, and I’m always looking for a new creative opportunity,” she said.”

What’s most important to me is to have something I can be proud of.”

In my case, I was inspired by the gardens of my grandparents, and they had the same passion for the landscape as I do.

“There are a lot of people that are doing their work and I know that I am one of them, so I want to bring this to my clients and the public.”

They can be surprised with how different I can make them feel with the plants.

“Gardena Costa said that she was inspired to pursue her passion when she saw the gardens that her grandparents had grown.”

My grandmothers gardener, Maria and María, who had a lot to say about their love of gardens, they would walk out to a garden with flowers.

They would sit on a balcony and walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers,” she recalled.”

That’s what I have always wanted to do.

I love to sit outside with a garden.

“In 2017, the Costa Awards recognised the work of her grandmothers garden as the best new product of the year.”

It was so amazing.

It was an honour for me.

It is one of the best awards I have ever won,” she added.

Gardenas passion for gardening is evident in her designs, and it was this that prompted her to pursue an urban garden.”

A lot of the gardens I love are in the city centre, and my mother wanted me to do something with the gardens in the garden, so that I could make it look like it was a city garden,” she explained.”

She was always telling me that I would have a wonderful urban garden with a green roof, and so I started to plan my own.

“GardeningGardenAwards2017, the Horticultural prize for the very best new design of the decade, was given to Gardena’s urban garden, The Garden, in the heart of Costa Rica.

Her design is unique and features a ‘green roof’ that she said is reminiscent of an urban landscape.”

This is my interpretation of what I love about urban gardens.

The roof looks like a green rooftop and the garden is filled with plants that are blooming.

“They’re all living on the roof, they’re all growing.

It’s just an incredible sight.”

The garden has become one of Costa’s most popular tourist attractions, with over a million people visiting each year, and a recent visit to Costa Rica saw the garden’s popularity increase.

“We were really happy with the reception we got.

It has become a big success,” she told TalkSport.

Gardens work is in her bloodHer mother Maria, who died in 2007, had a love for the garden and had a passion for it.

“Gardeners have always been in my blood, but I wanted to be a gardener because I was going to be doing something different.

I was looking for an artistic direction that I wanted my career to take, and this is the way I wanted it,” she reflected.”

The garden was something I had to do and it became something that I loved.”

In the future, Gardena intends to focus on the design of her design, and is also developing a series of outdoor gardens in Costa Rica for her clientele.

“When I’m designing for my clients, they don’t know what I am going to do, they know what it is that I’m doing,” she continued.

“And when I’m working in the public eye, they get a lot more involved.

They are coming into my office to ask me questions about their garden.

And they see that it’s beautiful and that it has so many different uses.”

So I am looking forward to this and it’s something I’m very happy to do.”GARDEN AT A GLANCE: Gardena is a member of the Costa Horticultural Society.

She has been involved in many projects with the society, including the planting of a flower garden in Costa Rican capital, San

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