Botanic gardens in California to welcome botanists after drought


— The California Botanical Garden is inviting gardeners to help clean the land and to help the state prepare for the arrival of an unprecedented number of plants.

In a news release, the California Botanic Garden said it will open its doors for the first time in almost 100 years on Friday for its annual “Gardener Day” event, bringing back a little-known tradition that has been a major draw for visitors and residents.

The Garden said the celebration will be an opportunity to celebrate the rich biodiversity of California and the diversity of plants that inhabit it.

It also will offer the chance for visitors to sample plants that have not been found in the state in decades.

The event is being organized by the Botanical Gardens in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The state will also begin distributing free seeds to residents of a few neighborhoods in the Santa Clara Valley, along with the opportunity to pick up a bag of seeds at the garden.

The free seeds will be distributed to residents on Friday.

The gardens also will host a farmers market at the end of the day, with food and gifts for the farmers, said Eric Sauer, the Garden’s senior vice president of operations.

The announcement comes a few weeks after the state said it was in talks with several local communities to bring back the “garden of the commons,” a communal gathering of plants and animals that the Garden used to host for the last four decades.

The Garden said last week it was going to reopen its doors in January 2019.

The garden also is seeking volunteers to help with the gardens cleanup and cleaning.