Which NFL team is naked gardening?

The NFL is taking its naked gardening to a new level.

The league recently announced that they’re opening a new “Naked Garden” program.

It’s not exactly a gardening facility.

The NFL’s Naked Garden program will be available for the 2019 season.

The first “Nude Garden” event will be held on October 10th.

It will feature naked football players and the NFL’s official “Nugget Guy.”

In a video posted on NFL Network’s YouTube channel, the league says that the new “naked garden” will offer fans the chance to “get fresh air, fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients for their families.”

The Naked Garden will also feature “Nudity for the Family” and a “nude” buffet that features “nuggets, salads, fresh veggies, fruit and cookies.”

The league says this “nudity” will not be served to children under the age of 13.

The “Noodles for the F*ckers” buffet will also be available.

The Naked Garden is expected to be a great place for fans to “naturally” get away from all the NFL action.

The new program is the first time the NFL has gone nude in a public space.

This is a good thing for the league.

It has been rumored that the NFL will begin wearing a wig to promote its naked-garden initiative.

The football team in question is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers have been active in the nude-gathering community since the 1990s.

The team has been active with a nude-walking team since 2002.

The franchise is also a supporter of The Naked Party, a nonprofit organization that hosts nude parties.