Which greenhouses are safe to grow in Canada?

Greenhouses that grow in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are all safe to put into production, according to a new study.

Greenhouses are considered safe if they are not used to damage the environment, the study found.

In Ontario, greenhouses produce less greenhouse gases than other types of greenhouse and emit less greenhouse gas.

The study looked at greenhouse gases emitted from greenhouses in Canada between 1990 and 2016.

The greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from greenhouse emissions in Ontario are less than one-third of the emissions from conventional greenhouse facilities.

The emissions from green houses in Quebec are about half the emissions of other types.

In the province, greenhouse emissions from greenhouse emissions in greenhouses decreased from 2.3 million tonnes in 1990 to 0.7 million tonnes last year, while greenhouse emissions decreased from 1.1 million tonnes to 1.0 million tonnes.

The carbon dioxide emissions from these greenhouse emissions fell from 1,924 million tonnes (5.9 per cent) to 1,631 million tonnes or 3.6 per cent.