When the rain turns to a storm

The weather is changing, and a new era is about to dawn.

The weather in Australia’s largest cities has been warming.

The last time the average temperature was below 40 degrees Celsius was in February.

But in many places, it’s already past the 40-degree mark.

The average high for a day in Australia was 49 degrees in December, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Temperatures in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are expected to reach the 40s and 40s by early next week.

And a new and unexpected weather phenomenon is unfolding.

It’s called the cyclone season, and it’s here to stay.

It starts with the remnants of a long-ago cyclone hitting the country.

But the first major storm to strike Australia for the next 20 years, it has become the cyclones biggest and most destructive storm to hit the country in decades.

In the last year alone, more than 20,000 people have been killed in cyclones.

That’s more than the deaths from the World Trade Center bombing and the Mumbai terrorist attack combined.

But Australia’s cyclones have been particularly devastating for the country’s elderly, the very poor and many vulnerable people.

A few years ago, we learned about a cyclone that struck the northern Territory.

The cyclone was one of the strongest on record, according the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Organisation.

It caused extensive damage to agriculture, the mining industry and even the national park.

The NT Government, which was struggling with a shortage of staff, had to use all of its available resources to deal with the emergency.

It was one more thing to get right in this new age of cyclones, which can cause devastating damage.

It also left the territory with a devastating effect on its economy.

That cyclone has left the NT in the dark about the impacts of a major cyclone.

But this time, it will leave behind a deep and lasting legacy.

In a country of more than 7 million people, the impact of cyclone seasons is staggering.

The worst is cyclones in the summer, and then they come down.

But for the majority of people, cyclones don’t hit until the winter months.

That means that it’s a year before the cyclonic season begins.

That could be a problem for the NT as it seeks to rebuild after the floods and bushfires of 2016.

And this year, we have a cyclonic storm that is already damaging property and destroying livelihoods.

In addition, it is impacting people’s mental health and can even make people suicidal.

So how does the cyclotron affect people?

The cyclotrons power goes through the air, creating electricity in the form of heat.

It goes through your home, and eventually you turn it on and off and use it for heating.

And it is a powerful tool for heating homes, which are usually built on old coal-fired power stations.

In many states, this power is used in the homes and apartments of the poorest, but this can be a significant concern for some families.

So why do people need a cyclotronic?

The first time we looked at the cyclon’s effects, we found that the power is so powerful, that the amount of heat produced by the cyclonet is equivalent to a single household being exposed to 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide for three days.

So when you put all that power into a single device, the effects can be devastating.

The impacts of cyclotons power are felt across many parts of the country, including the Northern Territory, where there is very little electricity, and Victoria, where some homes are on the verge of disaster.

The Northern Territory’s cyclotonic storm, a big cyclone, has left at least six people dead and several hundred injured, according of the Northern Territorians Disaster Management Office.

In Victoria, at least 40 people have died and more than 900 people have suffered injuries.

Some have been hospitalised and some have lost their lives.

The impact of the cyclontrain The cyclon is the most powerful storm to affect Australia’s weather since the 1950s.

This is because the cyclo is made up of many small, powerful storms.

But there is also a big, powerful cyclo that goes by the name of the Great Northern.

It is made out of about 1,000 cyclonic storms.

These storms create winds of up to 70 kilometres per hour, with the most intense cyclones causing up to 5.6 kilometres per second winds.

But even when they’re powerful, these storms can cause major damage to property, and infrastructure.

The storm that hit the NT this year was so powerful that it damaged more than 1,600 buildings.

The Cyclone Warning Centre in the Northern Territories says that at least 13 homes were damaged by the storm.

One of the people who lost their home was an elderly couple who had just moved to a new property.

When they got there, the storm was just passing through and

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