What you need to know about the world’s greatest gardens

The world’s most beautiful gardens are all spread out across the globe, from a single spot to hundreds of thousands of acres.

Here, we take a look at some of the world-famous gardens, as well as some of their lesser-known ones, to get you up to speed.1.

The Acropolis, Athens 2.

Borgoia, Rome 3.

Aurora, Italy 4.

Bridgetown, London 5.

Garden of the Isles, Glasgow 6.

Cottonwood Gardens, Cambridge 7.

Bubba, Cape Town 8.

Cumberland Gardens, Cardiff 9.

Dandelion Gardens, London 10.

Florence, Italy 11.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar 12.

Green Street Gardens, Melbourne 13.

Hemlock House, New York 14.

Hazelwood Gardens in London 15.

Hudson Street Gardens in New York 16.

Jacques St-Jean, Paris 17.

Lisbon Gardens, Portugal 18.

Mountain View Gardens, San Francisco 19.

New York City, New Yorks 20.

Omaha Gardens, Omaha 21.

Oakland, California 22.

Pamela Greenhouse, Chicago 23.

Pinecrest, California 24.

Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, Buckinghamshire 25.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh 26.

Sara Parks, London 27.

Sheffield, England 28.

Stonehenge, England 29.

St Thomas More Gardens, Canterbury 30.

Tree of Life Gardens, Sydney 31.

Westwood, London 32.

Yellow House, London 33.

Zinke, New Zealand 34.