The Secret Garden That Will Transform Your Life

Secret gardens aren’t a new idea, but they’re making their way into more and more homes and apartments.

They’re also becoming more affordable, making them an appealing alternative to more expensive, traditional garden furniture.

Here’s a look at some of the best secret gardens around.


The Miele Collection: From its humble beginnings in 1950, the Mieles collection has grown to include more than 40 designs and more than 200 plants.

It’s an incredible way to create a unique home-like space for the whole family.


The Kato House: A modern twist on the classic French door, this unique design is reminiscent of the Kato family’s home in the 1950s.

The exterior features a wooden cabinetry that’s decorated with moss and vines.

The interior features a fireplace and a pool, and the entire house is covered with over-the-shoulder views of the surrounding landscape.


The House of Love: The original home of the famed architect Jacques Herzog is located in New York City, but the architects also designed this elegant house for his wife, Liza Kato.

In the original design, the house is surrounded by a series of wood-burning fires that can be set in different parts of the house.

Each fireplace is decorated with flowers and other décor, including a wood-covered garden.


The Guggenheim: In a nod to the Gugginias collection of works of art, this modern take on the old-school French-style home is comprised of a series, including the Gurgon, the Gorgon and the Groom.

Each room is covered in white curtains that are designed to evoke a French décor.


The White House: Inspired by the design of the French chateau of La Rochefoucauld, this two-story home is made from natural wood that is then finished with glass, stone, and stone mosaic panels.

The design features an infinity pool, a fire pit, and a garden.


The Chateau de Sartorium: A small, four-bedroom home that was built in 1962 by architect Marcel Lecouste-Viviani, the Chateaus of Sartoria and Sartorio are among the best-known buildings in the city of Sévres.

The two-floor Chateaux of Sarte are home to art gallery Le Monde and the city’s first art museum, the Bibliothèque Nationale.


The Pecos River House: This six-bedroom house is the subject of an exhibition in Paris.

The main building is an 18th century Spanish-style structure that is surrounded with lush gardens and open spaces.

The house has a courtyard with an outdoor swimming pool and a fountains.


The Le Génie: The Le-Génie, the French version of the “Little Mermaid,” was created in 1879 by French architect Pierre Le Gérard, a noted painter.

The structure has a large, open courtyard with a pool and is surrounded on three sides by gardens.


The La Jolla Villa: The LaJolla Villa is a three-story mansion in San Diego, California, that is known for its eclectic design and ornate interiors.

The Villa has a unique, organic design and is open to the public.

The three-floor structure has three balconies, and there are also a number of bedrooms, two of which are available to rent for weddings and events.


The New York Mansion: The New England home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright is located on Long Island, New York, in New Hyde Park.

The home was designed by renowned architect Richard Neutra.

The estate was purchased by Donald Trump in 2006, and it’s now one of the most expensive properties in the world.