How to grow your own flowers

Boulder Botanical Gardens and Brookgreen Gardens are offering their own growing kits to help budding flower lovers get started with garden seeds and grow their own flowers.

The Boulder Botanic Gardens and Brooksgreen Gardens will also offer their own grow kits, which include a large variety of indoor plants, to help novice gardeners grow their very own flower.

“We are thrilled that we can offer this kit as a free gift to anyone who wants to start gardening with plants they already have and help them develop the skills they need to make their own flower,” said Laura Mazzoli, Boulder Botanics Garden Director.

“We’re excited to offer this grow kit to those who want to start growing plants with seeds they already own.”

Boulder Botanic Garden, which is located on the Boulder Ridge, is known for its botanical garden with over 300 species of plants.

The gardens are open to the public from the first Sunday of each month from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and they offer a variety of beginner gardening classes and workshops, such as plant breeding and water treatments.

Brooksgreen Gardens offers a variety on indoor plants and flowers, including bougainvillea, sweet basil, holly, yarrow, and many more.

The garden is open daily from 7 a., p. and 9 p. on weekdays, with the most popular days being May through September.

For more information, visit the Boulder Botany Garden website.