Hawaiian Gardens cemetery to reopen in 2018

NEW YORK — Hawaiians will be able to visit their loved ones in the gardens of the National Hawaiian Gardens Cemetery in Honolulu in 2018, the cemetery announced Friday.

The cemetery plans to open Memorial Gardens Cemetery, located in the Hanahekawa neighborhood in the city’s west side, in May 2018, but will be open to the public in 2019, said Jennifer L. S. Halsey, the president and CEO of the Hawaiian Gardens, which oversees the cemetery.

Memorial Gardens, a national park and historic site in Honolulu, was created in 1918 by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

It is home to more than 6,000 graves and more than 8,000 markers.

It is part of the U.N. World Heritage Site that honors Native Hawaiians, many of whom were forcibly removed from their homelands and killed for their culture.

In 2016, President Donald Trump vowed to reopen the park, but has said he has not decided on a plan.

The U.K.-based National Trust for Historic Preservation is planning to build a museum and a gallery on Memorial Gardens.

The museum would be located in a building with a view of the cemetery, and would include a museum that would focus on Hawaiians.

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