California grows first strawberry, apple, pear crop at home and abroad

A California strawberry farm has grown the first fruit from a commercial cultivar, the first apple crop and the first pear crop produced at home.

The first strawberry harvest was completed Sunday at Tucson Botanical Gardens in northern Arizona, where the crop is being grown in collaboration with The New York Times and The Associated Press.

The AP first reported the first strawberry crop from the Tucsen Valley in January.

The Tucsons first harvest is scheduled to be the first commercial production of strawberry at home for nearly a year.

The New York-based AP said the Tocson Strawberry Farm was founded in 1883 by John R. Smith, who later sold it to New York City.

The farm has been home to the Tricson family since its founding.

The first fruit to be harvested at the farm was a strawberry.

There was no word about a peach crop.

The strawberry was grown in the Ticonderoga, New York, area by Tom & Joanna Lassiter, a couple who live on the farm.

They harvested 10,000 pounds of strawberries for their own collection, but they are planning to produce a crop of around 30,000 tons to sell to local restaurants.

The Ticondors are one of the country’s largest growers of strawberries, and are a member of the Southern Tier strawberry consortium.

The consortium also produces apples and pears in California.