Bellingraths Christmas Trees are getting a new look!

New Zealand’s Christmas trees are getting their own Christmas tree.

The Bellingrothes have rebranded their iconic trees with a new, sleek, white design.

They’re hoping to attract tourists to the country’s popular tourist spots in the hope of attracting tourists.

“We think people will see these trees as being very different to the other trees we’ve got,” Bellingroth Garden manager Tim Dyer said.

The Christmas trees have become synonymous with the Bellingroths and their iconic holiday destination, Bellingrobe.

But the change is far from just about Christmas trees.

Dyer said the Bellingham gardeners are also working on plans for a new visitor centre.

Bellingrothe has been a popular tourist destination in the past.

It has a Christmas tree, a Christmas market, and is known for its stunning views over the sea.

It also attracts thousands of visitors annually.

Tourists who visit the garden can enjoy the views over Bellingham Harbour and the surrounding area.

One of the most popular attractions for tourists is the Bellingscotch Parade, which is held on the weekend of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

At the parade, children can ride around the grounds and enjoy the Christmas tree decorations.

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