3-2 Man Utd win away to Milan – Sport Italia

3-0, Milan.

This was one of the best games I’ve seen all year and the most satisfying in a very tough season.

They’ve lost a lot of players but they have still got one of Serie A’s top sides, and Milan have the game of their lives.

After the opening period, the Nerazzurri were caught flat-footed, but came out of it.

With the game on the line, they managed to get a goal from the penalty spot.

The first half went well for them, and when the second period kicked off, it was a different story.

The visitors scored again when Alessandro Florenzi took a pass from the right and curled a cross into the box.

It was a header which had been saved by the referee.

Milan had no answer for it, and the referee stopped play to make sure there were no problems with the shot.

But there was another one from the same spot.

Florenisi put a cross over the bar and a penalty kick was awarded to the hosts. 

In the fourth minute, Alessandro Gabbiadini fired a cross from the left and it bounced over the keeper and into the net. 

Mancini had a good spell to find his best goal of the season, as he found the back of the net after the break.

The final goal was an own goal from Alessandro Padoan. 

Milan took the lead when Mario Balotelli was sent off for a late challenge on Gabbiniadini. 

The Milan derby is coming up next on Sunday.