When you want to have your cake and eat it too

When you were a child you used to be able to get your cake for a penny from a store.

You’d get a basket, put a few pennies in, and you’d get to eat it.

Now, you’ll pay $1.00 to have a slice of cake in the store, and $1 for every $1 you eat it for.

You can even buy cakes in bulk.

The same store will serve you two cakes for $1 each, or $1 worth of cake for $2.99.

That’s because the bulk cake can be sold for less than half the price of a regular cake.

The cost of cake at the mall is going up, and the mall in Florida is one of the leading destinations for cake sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

The reason is because the state has passed legislation requiring stores to sell only fresh, unopened cakes.

The new law, known as the “cake tax” , was passed by lawmakers in January and was scheduled to go into effect July 1.

But, as of Wednesday, it was not going into effect because of a lawsuit filed by the retail trade group, according the Florida Retail Federation (FLRF).

The FLRF said the new law does not require stores to give people the option of buying a cake for less money, but it does require them to make the decision to sell a cake to customers when they purchase a cake.

While the cake tax is a new law in Florida, it is not the first time lawmakers have tried to limit the sale of fresh cake to reduce costs.

In 2011, lawmakers passed a law that would have required grocery stores to make customers pay a $1 tax if they purchased a cake from a grocery store.

The FLrf argues that this law, which was meant to protect shoppers from buying cheaper cakes, was written in a way that would restrict sales at the grocery store and other stores.

This year, lawmakers were debating a bill that would ban sales of cakes at all the state’s grocery stores, including grocery chains such as Whole Foods, which already sell fresh cake.

In the Florida House, Republicans tried to change the cake law in a different way, according CNN affiliate WESH.

They argued that the cake must be sold in a sealed package.

The bill was amended to remove the requirement that cakes be sold only fresh and unopened.

The amendment passed the House, but the Senate has not taken up the bill.

This time, the FLrF wants to see the new cake tax in force for at least two more years.

“There are other laws that need to be enforced, but we want to see this cake tax implemented,” said Brad R. Johnson, executive director of the Florida R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and Beer Association.

The cake tax has caused some retailers to stop selling cakes, according andrew, a baker in Florida who asked that his last name not be used.

Andrew said his cake business had been booming for the past six months and that he’s been working hard to make up for lost sales.

“It’s not something that you want your customers to think, ‘Oh my god, I can’t afford to eat my cake,'” he said.

Andrew, who has been working on a new cake since March, said he’s made the decision not to sell because he doesn’t want to pay a penny more for his cakes.

Andrew is not alone.

Several bakeries in Florida have also stopped selling cakes because of the cake taxation, according a recent survey by the American Association of Cake Vendors (ABAV).

Some bakeries are turning away customers because they are concerned about the costs of the tax, including a bakery in the small town of Lakeland that is refusing to sell cakes because it can’t make enough money.

But, the ABAV said it is working to convince businesses in the state that the tax is necessary.

The ABAIV said there is some evidence to support the notion that the revenue will actually be used for the general education and training of employees.

The new cake bill was introduced in the Senate by Sen. John Whitmire, R-Miami.

He introduced a similar bill last year, but did not have enough votes to pass.

He plans to introduce a second bill this year, which would exempt bakeries from the cake-tax rule.

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