When a German botanical garden makes you cry, it’s time to take a walk

By JEFFREY GARNABYTEN | 14 July 2015 09:53:58A botanical park in the southern German city of Tübingen has been hit by an online petition asking for it to close.

The park, located in the old industrial area of Stadt-Anlagen, attracted about 5,000 visitors last year, mostly tourists and residents.

The petition on the website of the park’s owner, Florian Hermans, has already been signed by more than 15,000 people.

The organisers of the petition say they have been receiving threats and harassment online and they are calling on other parks and gardens to follow suit.

“We need to do something about the growing trend of bullying and harassment,” Florian, a 50-year-old retired teacher from Hamburg, told the local NDR news agency.

“It’s sad, but also dangerous for the health and well-being of the people of the city,” he said.

“And it’s also a serious issue for the tourism industry in the area, as well as for visitors to Tübers capital, the city of Cologne.”

The park’s owners are calling for the park to close, but Florian says he does not believe that the petition will convince other local authorities to take similar action.

“I believe that in a city like Tüblingen, which has a long history of the exploitation of the public, it is the responsibility of the state to deal with the problem, as it is responsible for the safety of its citizens,” he told NDR.

The Tümingen Botanical Garden and Park Authority said in a statement that it is taking the issue seriously and has been working with the park, which is located in a historic district, to address the issue.

“The TMBGBA is aware of the concern expressed on social media and the fact that there have been threats and intimidation in the last few days,” the statement said.

The TMBGPAA and the authorities are working together to find solutions.””

It is important that the park is open and accessible to all visitors.

The TMBGPAA and the authorities are working together to find solutions.”

A spokeswoman for the Cologne mayor’s office said: “We are aware of some threats and threats of violence.

We have been monitoring the situation, and have been in touch with the TMBGVDA, the Tümspark and other local government authorities.””

We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well being of our visitors,” the spokeswoman said.