Gardena opens its doors to a world of gardens

Gardena, the only full-service park in Denver, is welcoming visitors to a new world of outdoor living.

The new facility, which opened Monday, will offer the city’s first indoor garden on an adjacent hillside, the first one of its kind in the country.

The park’s main building is on the hillside next to the Denver Zoo, and the outdoor garden will be the first of its type in the city, according to John C. Parnas, Gardena’s general manager.

The space, which is currently vacant, will be available for visitors to enjoy and create.

The facility, in the heart of a neighborhood that is largely residential, will feature four outdoor gardens, two covered terraces, a large kitchen and a large outdoor garden, according the city.

There will also be a small patio area for guests to enjoy.

The outdoor garden includes a full-sized terrace, a covered terrace with a large window and a garden table.

The building has a walk-in closet, an open-air patio, a garden and a patio area, Parnes said.

The garden will open on March 5 and close March 31.

There is a one-month waitlist for a spot, he said.

In addition to being the first indoor park in the nation, the new facility will be home to the world’s largest live oaks, which are located along the slope of the mountain.

The oaks are the tallest trees in the world, reaching 3,838 feet (1,067 meters) in height, according Toonko, the Denver Botanic Garden’s director.

Pournas said that they are a testament to the work of the Denver Park Board and Denver Botanical Garden staff.

“They are amazing,” Pournes said, adding that they will have a full set of oaks for sale.

“It’s not like other plants, where they’re just hanging out.”

The city also announced that the garden will have access to a swimming pool, sauna, and heated indoor gardening facilities.

The indoor garden is being developed by the Denver Parks and Recreation Department, which also owns the Denver Aquarium, according Parns.

“The outdoor is an extension of our relationship with the Denver Gardens,” he said, noting that the outdoor gardens were originally developed by Park Board staff in a collaborative effort with the Gardens.

The park and gardens have worked together on many other projects, including the renovation of the National Gallery of Art.