A botanical garden wedding in Melbourne is worth every penny

A botanic garden wedding is worth the price of admission and the atmosphere, according to a wedding photographer in Melbourne.

Robbie Cramer, who was also married at the same venue last year, said he was thrilled to have a botanical wedding in his home city.

“We did it in my backyard, with our family and friends,” he said.

“I was blown away by how beautiful the venue was and the way the guests looked and behaved.”

They were very attentive, and it was absolutely incredible.

“Cramer said his wife and guests were extremely happy and happy to be at the wedding.”

This wedding was not about just one or two people, it was about family, it really was,” he told Business Insider.”

Everyone is in awe of the botanical gardens, they’re just a treasure and it’s just beautiful to have someone come and spend time with them.

“Crop of flowers, water, roses and fruit at the Botanical Gardens wedding venue, Melbourne, November 2016.

Rob Cramer said he and his wife had booked the venue to be the backdrop for a wedding, and the venue looked stunning.”

The whole garden looked incredible,” he added.”

It was the perfect setting for a very special event.

“The venue had been in use for over a decade and was a venue for weddings in both the US and the UK, but Cramer’s family has been keeping the venue in the city for the past year.”

Our wedding was a huge success, we had a lot of fun and it has been such a privilege to be able to share that experience with everyone in Melbourne,” he explained.”

There are a lot more places that can be had for that price, and we’re sure the wedding will be a success in the future.

“Candy, flowers and other treats on a wedding cake, Melbourne’s Botanical Garden, November 2017.

Rob is not alone in celebrating the Botanic Gardens.

In 2017, a couple from Perth were married in a Botanical Wedding in Melbourne’s CBD.

Candy and her husband had been married at a Botanic Garden venue for the wedding, but were not in the same room when the ceremony took place.

The wedding was filmed by a local wedding photographer and posted to Facebook, with many celebrating the couple’s engagement.”

So happy we were able to be part of it, and all of the support that has come from people,” Cramer explained.

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